Cacoy USB cables review

One of the Amazon internet-retailers sent me this parcel for review, so here comes unboxing!

These are two sync and charge USB cables with Lightning connectors that fits iPhone iPad iPod. One is PVC covered, the other one is braided. You can see by the naked eye that these are some quality cables. But how do you see which wire to choose if you are not Tom Cruise? As well as with some parts of the male body, here the size matters. But unlike the body part, the shorter the better. But thickness is good in both cases. The thicker and the shorter each individual wire inside the cable is, the less is the overall resistance. And less resistance means better performance. As the USB doctor charger tester which I reviewed on my channel confirms, shorter cables deliver more Amps from the same charger than longer cables. I tested these two cables with iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, and both started to charge without any issue. This is not true for all non-original iPhone and iPad cables, as Apple uses a DRM chip to detect non-original cables, and turns this protection on and off from one firmware version to another. But this two Cacoy cables do charge Apple device.

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