Best way to promote your music band

If you are a musician or play in a band, you probably dreamed of going big. The obvious step would be bringing your demo tapes to a music studio and wait for being selected.
Well, that’s sure way to bury that dream of yours.

Music studios receive hundreds of demo songs each week, and its beyond their capacity to listen to all of them. So it’s just pure gamble whether that flamboyant producer picks up your tape or another one. Even if he does, chances are he’ll prefer the most commercial sound in that demo heap.
Big media companies are even worse. There’s an army of gay producers choosing the most marketable songs they find. No one cares about music as art here: the only worthy thing in your song for corporations is opportunity profit. Could they sell it or not?

So the best option for a true artist is to omit going to producers in the first place. Today, you may bring your music to the world by posting it online. Make a music video of your song and post it online. Spread the word by posting to social networks. Gain an audience. Don’t be afraid: the most weird amateur videos on Youtube gain millions of views, much more than an average Hollywood blockbuster does.

Those views and likes are proof of concept. If your music passes this test and receives much acclaim, you’ll have weighty argument in contract talks. Now you can dictate your terms and show the greedy media faggots who is the boss.

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