Backup and restore contacts

Here’s how you can backup your contacts on an iPhone 5 clone running Android.

Go to Contacts, then press and hold Home button. An menu will open in the bottom of the screen. Here tap More, then select Export/Import. In the new window you have to choose whether you are going to copy contacts from phone, simcard or sdcard. As we want to backup phone contacts, select Phone. In the next window you have to select where are you going to copy contacts to. As we are making a backup, choose sdcard. Then select all contacts, continue and confirm, remembering the path where the contacts expoert file will be created. After export completes, open this location to find a v-card file. Vcf is indusctry standard format for contacts, allowing you to transfer contacts to most phones, as well as messaging software, like MS Outlook. If you want to use this file to restore contacts from backup on the same device, you have to repeat the process, but this time select copy to Phone and from SDcard.

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