80073cf6 fix

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this error is displayed when you try to install an app on your Windows Phone. The most common reason for this error is that your phone time zone, date and time are off. First, make sure you selected the correct time zone for your region. Then set current date and time. Restart the phone and try again. If this doesn’t help, make sure the birthdate you specified in the Microsoft account you using for the Windows Store makes you at least 21 or older. If you are younger than that, try changing the birth date you specified, or register a fake account with details making you 21 or older to overcome Windows Store age restrictions. And the last thing you have to check is your SD card. Remove it from the phone, and use a PC cardreader to format it on the computer, then insert it back to the device and try again. Of course this only makes sense if you using external SD card storage for the apps. If nothing of the above helps, you have to restore your phone with a complete reflash through the Windows Phone restore utility.

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