100 gb cloud storage for free

So fucking for a week to increase my dropbox and yandex.disc in lousy hundreds of megs increments, I stumbled upon Mail.ru cloud storage.

They give out 100 gigs straight away, without friend, referrals and all that kind of crap. 100 gigs is enough for all my cloud backup needs. I only pity I took no interest in this earlier, as only a month ago they gave out 1 terabyte of cloud storage as a New Year promo. Well the free things usually come with a twist. While offering it initially, now Mail.ru disabled webdav protocol, making it tricky to use advanced cryptography methods and avoiding bundled client software altogether. Chinese site Baidu also offers 1 Tb, and another Chinese site gives out 36Gb. However people say they got a louse connection speed. Well, that’s China. So maybe I still will have to ask you click on my dropbox referral link and launch their program so I could expand my dropbox space. You will also get an increase in your new account, if you follow my referral link.

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